100% Free to Talent Representatives
Client speaks with talent representative directly
Client pays talent representative invoice directly
Commercial agreement is between client and talent representative
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A.C.T.A is going to make a huge difference to my professional life. When you're juggling multiple jobs and commitments, it's really important to be on top of every detail. A.C.T.A is definitely the solution that will help me do that.

Megan Washington

A.C.T.A is a great new idea that makes you wonder, 'why hasn't anyone thought of this before?' Well someone finally has! A.C.T.A is an Australian invention that streamlines and simplifies the entire booking process for performers, managers, agents, clients - everyone.

Paul McDermott

I love the fact that there is now a platform that allows more clients to directly contact my management.

Robert Whittaker


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Search for your desired talent, fill in your event details and be placed in direct contact with the talent’s true representative.
Communicate, Contract and Pay Talent directly – A.C.T.A is not a 3rd Party.
Host all event documents and information securely in one place with instant notifications whenever anything is added or altered.


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Caleb Bush Managing Director
George P. Johnson (Australia)

Sourcing talent has never been an easy process. A.C.T.A is an ingenious invention which saves us time and money – it’s the Uber of Entertainment!

Megan Peters Event Director
International Productions

It’s revolutionary! A.C.T.A solves so many issues i have had with booking celebrity talent over the years. Thank you!

Anna Patterson Managing Director
George P. Johnson (Singapore)

A.C.T.A provides solutions to real time problems within our dynamic industry of real time events. We cant wait to book our talent through A.C.T.A!

Paul Kenny Former Managing Director
(Jack Morton Worldwide)

After over 30 years in the industry, I can honestly say that A.C.T.A’s transparency and ability to efficiently handle all booking content is going to be a game changer for event professionals.

Transparency, Accessibility & Facilitation in Real Time!

A.C.T.A has been specifically designed to assist you in booking celebrity talent for your events by placing you in direct contact with talent’s true representatives whilst streamlining all communication, documentation and information along the way. It is a transparent and efficient platform that eliminates all friction within the process of booking celebrity talent!


Why Use A.C.T.A?

  1. Complete Transparency
  2. Instant Messaging and Notifications
  3. Direct Contracting & Payment
  4. Centralised Content Management System


Contracting and payments are made directly between the client and the talent’s true representative, cutting out the middle man.

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Talent representatives simply upload their own contracts for clients to digitally sign directly through the platform. Once accepted by the client, these contracts are exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain thus protecting data integrity and enabling the secure exchange of confidential information between parties.


Upon accepting the talent representatives contract, A.C.T.A clients simply pay a separate 10% platform fee (capped at $5,000.00) to confirm their booking. Clients are then prompted to pay the talent representatives invoices directly. A.C.T.A is completely commission-less to talent.

No Escrow

All talent payments are made directly to their representative. A.C.T.A does not hold any money in escrow, ensuring a true peer-to-peer relationship between clients and talent representatives.

Platform Security

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By utilising smart contract technology, A.C.T.A ensures that all contracts exchanged on the platform are 100% secure.


All data and platform information is securely stored on our cloud based server.

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